OMRI Certified Coir Products

By | September 29, 2020

Riococo/Ceyhinz Link, Inc offers the best coconut coir growing medium to the world wide medical cannabis and hemp growers. If you are into vertical farming, rooftop gardening, urban or hobby gardening or open field gardening industry, you can get high-quality OMRI certified cannabis growing medium mix from us. All our products are 100% organic, OMRI certified, non-toxic, super washed, renewable and biodegradable. We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of coco pith, coco substrate and coco husk related products using orgic methods. If you are looking for OMRI Certified Coir Products with quality assurance, buy from us.

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Author: Riococo Mmj

Riococo/Ceyhinz Link, Inc, is the leading 100% organic coconut Coco medium manufacturer and supplier to the Hydroponics, Vertical Farms, Rooftop Gardening, Urban Gardening, Open Field and Retail/Hobby Gardening industries. Riococo has over 15 years’ experience spanning 47 countries in the hydroponics industry.