Organization: Meaning, Process, Importance of Organization

By | August 14, 2019

What is Organization?
Organization is defined as a function of management. It is the second function performed after planning. Once the plans are made supportive plans are made and every task is organized in a well – structured format. This structure helps in smooth functioning of the business and brings efficiency in the executing the formulated business plans. Organization is a process that helps in easy management of business plans. In organization process, different jobs are established and then grouped under one head.
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Organization Process
There are some steps followed in the organizational process. These steps are explained in a sequential and detailed manner below:
1.Identifying Jobs – First step in the organization process is the identifying the available jobs. A company has different jobs to perform and need a huge manpower (in case of a large scale company) in order to get their work done. When the plans are made along with their supportive and secondary plans, it is identified how many people are required and what are the various positions required. Therefore, all the jobs are found out and manpower estimation is done.

2.Grouping the Jobs – The next step is grouping the jobs. When different jobs are identified, all the jobs are noted down. But if all the jobs are written differently, it will create chaos and hamper the smooth functioning or execution of the plan. To avoid this chaos, all the jobs are identified and grouped under a similar head. For example, all the jobs that are affiliated to finances are grouped under finance department, jobs related to production comes and production department, jobs related to manufacture are classified under manufacturing department and so on.

3.Assigning Duties/ Delegation of authority – After the jobs are identified and classified under one head, duties are assigned. This step is also said to be delegation of authority. Delegating the authority is really important to get the work done. If a person is assigned a position but is not given the power or the authority required to do a job, then there is no fun in assigning duty. The delegation of authority is really important to get the work done in the organization. Delegation of authority is done in the concerns that follows the principle of decentralization. This is done to reduce the burden of the top management. In a big organization, the top management cannot do all the work by themselves. Therefore, to shred their burden, they delegate authority to their subordinates.

4.Establish entity relationship – After the duties are assigned and the authority is delegated, last step is to establish a relationship between the different entities. It is done so that the people in organization know who they have to report to. It is done to avoid mess. If the people working in the business concern do not know to whom they have to report, then it will create a huge mess. It will also show poor management skills and less professional structure of the organization. Therefore, in order to avoid it, it is necessary to establish relationship between the departments. It will help in better communication among the departments and will ensure stimulate the efficiency in the work done.

This process is followed in organization to ensure growth, efficiency, better relations, etc. Management students has to write assignments in the same topic. Students can get their assignments done from custom assignment writing help.

Importance of Organization
Organization is important for a business concerns, due to which it is implemented in different types of businesses. The points due to which organization is significant are mentioned as follows:
oOptimization of resources – In organization, it is ensured that all the resources are optimally utilized. If all the resources will be utilized efficiently, then the work done will be of a higher quality. Hence, organization is important in order to make utilization the resources at maximum.

oSpecialized personnel – While assigning duties, a person is hired on the basis of his/her qualification and experience if required. There is a process of recruitment and selection which is followed to hire a person. Human resources recruits the people who are eligible for the job. They contact people and ask them if they are interested, then the candidates have to appear for the interview where the interviewer consults them and check if they are the right person. Interview is a medium to check the caliber and potential of a candidate and then it is decided whether the company should offer them employment or not. Also, by doing the same task repeatedly, the person gets specialized in that job.

oBrings Efficiency – Organization brings efficiency in the business firm. When professional personnel are hired, the quality of the work is increased. Due to better quality, the business can get profit and it helps in bringing efficiency. Also the relationship is established between different departments, so everybody knows where they have to report. This also ensures a good relation among various departments of the business firm.

oGrowth – Organization also ensure growth in the business competition. The professional experts improve the quality of the work, good quality boosts the sales and it results in overall growth of the company. Also, organization process is implemented in the large scale business. Organization supports and uses decentralization. Organization is also done when, a company opens a new branch or office at a location. Therefore, organization helps in the growth of a company.

oBetter Communication – Due to well established relationship, communication is better and smooth. Suppose sales department saw that there is hike is sales and now the demand has increased, so they will contact the production department and will ask them to produce more products due to higher sales, this is an example of better communication. Whereas if the sales department do not know where they have report then it will demonstrate poor communication in the organization. Due to this, even the work can get delayed. Therefore, departments are given prior information about where and to whom they have to report or take report from. Doing this also saves time of the top management. They don’t have to indulge in every minute decision that can also be taken by other department level manager.
These points explained the importance of the organization. This topic is important as it also comes in exams and is given in assignments too. Students can avail custom assignment writing help, if they require guidance in completion of their assignments.

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