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By | February 25, 2020

Quick Tips to Change Your Anxiety Forever
Lead a happier, healthier life with these calming strategies.
You can read all of the world’s anti-anxiety advice, but none matters unless you take action. In order to feel more relaxed, sleep deeply and tightly at night and put energy into the essentials, you no longer have to waste time on tasks that do not matter.

At the end of this article, your life will surely be more productive and Zen-like. Your part is to commit yourself to 15-60 minutes a day and fight some of the following 21 anxiety states.
“The more you commit, the better you will feel”.
You are probably familiar with some of these anxiety strategies. But if you experience raging thoughts, chest tightness, and shortness of breath, you haven’t done all of them.
Anxiety Busters
1. Start deep-breathing.
2. Meditate.
3. Practice self-care.
4. Eliminate soda.
5. Trim the fat from your budget.
6. Get rid of the clutter.
7. Plan a day trip.
8. Go to bed early.
9. Wake up 15 minutes early.
10. Get your lavender on!
11. Reduce caffeine, sugar, and processed foods.
12. Go green!
13. Know that feelings are not facts.
14. Challenge negative core beliefs.
15. Practice gratitude.
16. Get some accountability.
17. Attend a social gathering (even if you don’t want to).
18. Schedule a physical exam to rule out a medical condition for your anxiety.
19. Schedule a visit with a therapist.
20. Exercise, exercise, exercise!
21. Accept your anxiety.

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