pcs j coaching in lucknow

By | July 23, 2020

Athena Coaching Academy is the only coaching centre which provides a semester type of arrangement for PCS J Coaching in Lucknow.

The pattern at many coaching centres for PCS J coaching in Lucknow is to provide a general ‘come as you like’ coaching for one full year without any consideration of the academic stage of the law student taking admission in such coaching programs. Anyone, from students in law first year to students in law third year, can join any such law coaching centres at any time. This dilutes the standards of pedagogy at such coaching centres.

Athena Coaching Academy is totally different from all such centres since it has a unique and highly disciplined style of providing PCS J Coaching in Lucknow. At Athena Coaching Academy, classes are started four months before the date of exam for PCS J Prelims. This coaching is restricted only to those aspirants who have made up their minds to appear for that particular PCS J exam. These candidates would either be in final year of their law course or would have already taken their law degree. This brings up the knowledge level of this group of aspirants. Intensive coaching is provided for 5 days a week, with classes of total 3-4 hours duration being held every working day to cover the entire syllabus in accordance with a time table made available in advance to the aspirants.

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