Permanent IPL Laser Depilator

By | September 14, 2019

is a device for laser hair removal. The dark pigment in hair absorbs the beams of laser energy, converting them to heat which basically disables hair follicles, preventing the growth of new hair. The good news is that it is user-friendly and involves minimal discomfort. It is compact and handy making it ideal for laser hair removal easy at home. It works excellent for removing hair from bikini area, armpits, chest area, eyebrow, ingrown, mustache & facial hair and pretty much entire body for men, women and girls. Laser hair removal requires at least 6 treatments done 4 to 6 weeks apart so as to attack the hairs in various stages of their growth cycles. permanent laser hair removal is an excellent inexpensive alternative over wax, cream, or electrolysis as it is a lifelong solution without any toxicity , for small areas on people with fair skin and dark hair. The device costs $69.99;

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