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By | December 4, 2021

Bringing a new puppy home is so much fun and you just can’t get enough of the little mutt, the cuddles, the licks, the energy of the little one, are all just so exciting and lovely. Getting a pup gives your life a new purpose altogether and training them is one of the best teaching experiences of your lives with them. It’s best to start training them, since the moment you bring them home because once they get settled in, it’s hard to get them out of their old habits and patterns.
To start with, it’s important to teach your little one to not bite or nip, and toilet-training them so they don’t go in the house and make a mess. You can train them to go poop or pee in the yard and then later get Pet Waste Services in Stone Mountain. Not only toilet training them but there are also some essential things you need to start making a routine for your dog from the start so they don’t act out on it when they’re getting older.

Getting them a Den or a Crate
Getting your dog a den of their own or a crate and teaching them to stay calm in it, is one of the most important basics of training. Give positive reinforcement if they remain well-mannered in their me-time. It would help when you have to leave your poodle home alone or when guests are over, etc.

Establish Washroom rules
It’s important to establish washroom rules and making a routine of their eating habits and bowel movements. The ideal thing for their washroom or toilet habits would be to take them out on a walk and getting them to relieve themselves. Till then, you can get them to go in the yard and getting Pet Waste Services in Stone Mountain or if your schedules can’t afford to make a proper routine then establishing a habit of going in the yard would be the best. To deal with the litter, you can get Pet Waste Services in Stone Mountain.

Brushing Habits
Most of the dog owners give their dogs Dental Sticks to get rid of the funky mouth smell, but it’s important to establish a habit of brushing their teeth to avoid them getting cavities or building up tartar in their teeth, so their teeth don’t get weak and fall off when they start aging.

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