Rafael Valdovinos, Our GMR Transcription Scholarship Winner

By | February 8, 2021

In early adulthood, I vacillated between academic achievement, gang culture, addiction, and incarceration. Over the last decade, I have been restored through recovery, education, and relationships. Most influential in my decision to return to school was my teenage daughter’s multiple suicide attempts. After her last release from a Mental Health Facility, she came to live with me, and we began her journey in recovery. During that journey, we began working towards her future. To prompt her interest in furthering her education, I volunteered to enroll with her at Allan Hancock College (AHC). My original trajectory of study when first attending AHC as a high school student in 1997 was either to be a Math Teacher or a Sociology Major due to my experiences as a young man.

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Author: Beth Worthy

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