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By | February 19, 2021

Netgear also provides an efficient feature to all the users to block a certain number of websites or services according to the desired schedule. Users can specify a particular schedule according to which the desired number of websites or services will get blocked. A user has to utilize a scheduling feature in which a user has to specify the Days to block and then the timings within the day to block. A user can either choose a particular time 24-hour format or he can choose the 24-hour blocking system through the web interface of the device.

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Direct link Technology is one of the significant functions in your Amped router to improve the transmission of Wi-Fi signal within your device. The function boosts your Wi-Fi connectivity by focusing all traffic to and from the main network through a single Wi-Fi band. It dedicates all connected devices through the fastest available band and delivers magnificent performance to the user. It is enabled by default and could be disabled through the web interface of window.