Suspicion or in Identification of an immediate VB/BBIED explosion

By | July 20, 2020

What would you do if someone walks/run into an establishment such as a restaurant or airport and shouts Allah Aqaba, or a vehicle drives into a barricade or through a location and it is assessed that an explosion is imminent. It is important to know the difference between cover and concealment. To obtain cover from an imminent explosion search for solid cement or brick walls/pillars or other significant solid structures. Get as low as possible and preferably lying down with you feet aimed at the site of the imminent explosion, feet and legs close together and your arms and hands protecting your head and face. If no significant cover is available get as low as possible – use the drop between the sidewalk and the road, behind vehicles or anything between you and the potential blast. Anytime you have to increase distance from you and the explosion, utilize it and move fast but stay low – crawling if necessary.

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