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Decorative Concrete Services In Calgary | Patriarch Calgary

Patios, sunrooms, or any exterior rooms can always benefit from concrete resurfacing, overlay options, or coatings. Items such as Sundeck spray texture can resurface any area with a concrete coating. The coating can be just the classic effect or it can include the aggregate effect, score line effect, or even the masonry effect. The color palette includes Cumberland,… Read More »

Patriarch Construction – Calgary Premier Sidewalk Contractor

If your home is on a small mound or hill, then your concrete walkway will need special attention. The cement walkway design may dictate that it would be poured on a slope. The good news is that we have extensive experience pouring concrete sidewalks on a slope. In concrete sidewalk construction, the forms always need to be reinforced,… Read More »

Calgary Go-To Contractor For Breakout & Haul Away

People often say that “you get what you pay for”. The implication is that if you pay for quality, you should get quality, whatever price you pay. Realistically, that is not happening with all concrete contractors. We, however, don’t just promise quality – we deliver quality. We know that you don’t want your hard-earned dollars to be spent… Read More »

How To Make Concrete Contractors Calgary

We can’t deny that some of our techniques have experienced some innovation. However, that has had no adverse effect on our list of satisfied customers – it has only helped enlarge the list. Please read the originial post here: https://patriarch.ca/commercial-concrete-contractors/

Can I pressure wash stamped concrete?

It is important to hire a professional home remodeling general contractor or company for impressed concrete services. This is because it is a highly complex and delicate project that requires hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of cement pavement installation and finishing. Please read the originial post here: https://patriarch.ca/stamped-concrete-patterns/

What degree should a staircase be?

Mark your measurements on 2′ x 12′ stringers with a framing square. Mark the rise and run (7.11″ and 10″, respectively) beginning from the top of the stringer. The notches cut out with a circular saw from the first stringer can be used as a pattern for subsequent stringers. Please read the originial post here: https://patriarch.ca/concrete-steps-and-staircases/