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What to expect from a dental crown procedure at the most viable dental clinic in Mumbai

By | May 4, 2021

In normal circumstances, crowns are made at labs after a dental clinic in Mumbai takes an impression of the original tooth and sends it to the crown manufacturing facility. Please read the originial post here: https://dentalimplantsindia.forumotion.com/t3-what-to-expect-from-a-dental-crown-procedure-at-the-most-viable-dental-clinic-in-mumbai#3

Why should you visit a dentist in Mumbai?

By | April 29, 2021

Even the simplest of all teeth whitening procedures is quite elaborate. Most of the time, it involves the polishing of the enamel and the application of teeth brightening chemicals. Nowadays, such chemicals and polishing equipment are available in the online market. However, you never know whether those products are safe for your oral cavity. So, it is always… Read More »