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Things Translators Working With Legal Translations Should Know

Seen as a suburb on its own, Town Square is within 30 minutes’ drive time from all major attractions of Dubai. With hundreds of square kilometers of green spaces, it consists of the most number of facilities for children within a residential community. In the multi-cultural environment of Town Square, one is not only required to communicate but… Read More »

Professional Human Translation | Universal Translation Services

Do your researches, learn about the rates of different translation companies working in the area and then decide which one works best for you. When it comes to cost, make sure you don’t go overboard. Always stay within your budget, but at the same time, don’t try to save too much and hence committing the mistake of investing… Read More »

Top Translation Companies in Abu Dhabi 2021 | Universal Translation Services

Being the official language, most of the ministers and official departments of UAE considers only Arabic and English language. This is the reason your documents will not be valid in these official departments. Nowadays, legal Translation of your official documents is tremendously important for your official process. It will prevent the barriers in completing your legal processes. Universal… Read More »


Driving has become a necessary skill to survive in today’s world. Moreover, people do make a living out of it as well. If you already have a valid driving license translation Abu Dhabi, then you just need to translate it into the Arabic Language officially. We offer top-notch dynamic translation services in Abu Dhabi and can translate driving… Read More »

Arabic To English Oxford Translation Abu Dhabi

Business owners and Entrepreneurs – With the impressive economic stability, large markets, and steady growth rate, UAE and Abu Dhabi have been a choice of many investors and entrepreneurs for years. It has many business-friendly policies such as – zero currency limitations, freedom to operate the company from all over UAE, zero corporate tax, an extensive range of… Read More »

Best Driving license translation | Universal Translation Services

It is commonly understood that a language appearing plain to one set of readers might not appear plain or easy to others. For nationals of other countries, a challenge remains when it comes to legal language and its translation. Legal language is a complex subject on its own and uses prepositional phrases, various negations, passive voice and technical… Read More »