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How Many Types Of Gym Supplements Are There? |Forward Thinking Fitness

We are all busy people, but do your to be aware of your hunger levels. Your health should be a priority! If you let yourself go hungry for too long, there’s a higher chance of overeating or binging later. If you have a very packed schedule and less time to eat, try having larger meals, less frequently, so… Read More »

Which Is Best Time For Gym? | Forward Thinking Fitness

We’ve spent a good amount of our time at home and under stress these last few months. This has caused us to become more sedentary in behavior which increases our risk of tight and overactive muscles throughout our body. This makes it crucial that you not forget to take the time to properly warm up and prepare yourself… Read More »

Achieve Your Fitness Goals By Hiring Your Personal Trainer Forward Thinking Fitness

Just like Samantha, most of us feel that there’s no need to go to any gym as we can exercise at home and improve our health. Don’t we? Training at gym brings in commitment and consistency. You’ll have access to expert trainers to guide you and help you achieve your fitness goals faster. If you haven’t gone to… Read More »

Why Use A Personal Trainer | Forward Thinking Fitness

Bored with your squat routine in your gym in Allentown? Or want to graduate from holding the bottom of a squat? Let go of the assistance and sit at the bottom on your own. There are also so many different types of squats out there, you should almost never get bored! Utilizing different forms of squats will keep… Read More »

Best Fitness Trainers In Forward Thinking Fitness

If you are ready to commit to yourself, there is no better time than now. Through safe and effective programming, you can push the pace with all of us at Forward Thinking Fitness for the results you have always wanted. Forward Thinking Fitness is a premier personal training center in Allentown, PA helping the general population to create… Read More »

Personalized Results | Forward Thinking Fitness | Allentown PA

One year ago I walked into my first session at Forward Thinking Fitness with my heart in my throat and a churning in my stomach. To say I was terrified would be an understatement! Evan and his staff made me feel immediately like I belonged there. They constantly encourage me and push me a little harder with each… Read More »