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Career Opportunities for Six Sigma Green Belt.

Professionals with Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification have reached important milestones in the hierarchy of the Lean Six Sigma certification program. According to Six Sigma, an employee of Six Sigma Greenbelt has received “training on Six Sigma improvement methods and will lead the process improvement or quality improvement team as part of their full-time job.” Please read… Read More »

Is Lean Six Sigma Black Belt difficult?

Yes, Six Sigma Black Belt certification is a meticulous and difficult exam. It requires disciplined research, experience, and solid preparation and examination methods. Through an in-depth understanding of the methods, tools and techniques that employers value most, certified black belt-level professionals can better perform their current duties and benefit from certificates that can help them develop further. Please… Read More »

When can DMAIC and DMADV be used?

We can conclude that DMAIC is used on a process or product that already exists, but is unable to meet customer needs or specifications. In comparison, DMADV is used when a new product or process needs to be developed to meet customer requirements. It is also used when a product or process has been optimized using DMAIC, but… Read More »

What is Lean White Belt certification?

Professionals are considered Six Sigma White Belts if they have not undergone a formal certification program or extended training. A single session with an overview of relevant methods and vocabulary for LSS shows workers at all levels of an organization how they contribute to efficient, reliable outcomes. With this basic grounding, White Belts participate in projects and problem-solving… Read More »

Six Sigma in Finance and Accounting

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification allows for more focused and efficient operations in departments that are not entirely focused on manufacturing. One particular case study that focused on billing reconciliation found that billing errors resulted in customer accounts being charged less than the amount due approximately 60% of the time. After implementing LSS, however, the organization nearly… Read More »

The beginnings of six sigma.

Smith arrived at a desired DPMO of 3.4 for Motorola, a six sigma deviation from the mean. And thus, Motorola’s Six Sigma methodology was born. The method encouraged absolute commitment to meeting this quality threshold. When it went unmet, advanced analyses would be put in place to determine which part of the process needed refinement, then identify and… Read More »