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Buy Artificial Jewellery Online at best price4s

By | November 25, 2021

Sayda has a wide variety of jewelry collections, be it be for a wedding event, or an university work, or a household occasion, we have whatever for you. We guarantee that you obtain whatever for a total appearance. Address: Shop no. 31-32, AL Market, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi, 110088 Phone: +919311691114 Please read the originial post here: http://www.im-creator.com/free/sayda/saydajewels

The Mookaite Stone

By | November 24, 2021

Mookaite is a truly stunning stone with earthy hues of reds, yellows and purples. It’s formed from the microscopic remains of tiny radiolarians which in turn create the sedimentary rock structure that forms Mookaite crystal. This fascinating process occurs in only one place in the world, within the Kennedy Ranges near Gascoyne Junction, Windalia Radiolarite, Western Australia. Mookaite… Read More »

The Pietersite Stone

By | November 23, 2021

Pietersite is a highly unique crystal that originates from Windhoek, Namibia. Immediately recognizable through its swirling mass of colors and textures, the pietersite stone is often referred to as the “Tempest” for its similarity to a wild desert storm. A kaleidoscopic squall of gold’s, browns, blues and blacks, pietersite represents transformation and necessary chaos. Sometimes, life is like… Read More »

Neon Apatite Gemstone

By | November 16, 2021

Neon Apatite is a lesser-known gemstone with little or no repute, myth or legend connected to it. However, considering apatite is simply a part of our composition and is produced and used by the human body, it’s far believed to have a few extremely powerful healing abilities. Many gemstone enthusiasts are curious about the lore and powers of… Read More »

The Gemstone Yellow Dendritic Agate

By | November 15, 2021

Yellow Dendritic Agate is ideal for introspection or soul-searching of self, it helps to focus on our forethought imposed limitations and patterns that make up one’s life experiences. It is a helpful amulet for those involved in therapy, contemplation, birthing, step up programs, or any path of staid work that requires a day-to-day behavioural change necessary to achieve… Read More »

The Mariposite Stone

By | November 12, 2021

These Mariposite crystals are not common, and are a high silica variety of Dolomitic Marble with green mica inclusions that are said to be Fuchsite, the green Muscovite. The meaning of their name relates to the place where they were first discovered in Mariposa County in California USA and Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish. In Canada they are… Read More »