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Personalized Results | Forward Thinking Fitness | Allentown PA

One year ago I walked into my first session at Forward Thinking Fitness with my heart in my throat and a churning in my stomach. To say I was terrified would be an understatement! Evan and his staff made me feel immediately like I belonged there. They constantly encourage me and push me a little harder with each… Read More »

Plant-Based Foods Like Soy And Legumes Can Give You The Same| Forward Thinking Fitness

Tempeh and Tofu. Non-GMO soy products are easy and healthy sources and alternatives to meat. Whey Protein provides a fast and convenient source at an affordable price, but do not neglect other protein sources, this is meant as a boost. Eggs high quality protein, nine essential amino acids, choline, the right kind of fat, and vitamin D. They… Read More »

Benefits Of Strength Training – Strength, Balance And Improved Body Composition

Unfortunately, as we age we experience the loss of muscle mass called sarcopenia. From the age of 30 onward, we can lose anywhere from 30%-50% of our muscle strength. In addition, the aging process has been shown to reduce our metabolic rate. When you lose your strength, it makes it more difficult to remain active, eventually leading potentially… Read More »

Eating At Night Makes You Fat | Forward Thinking Fitness

It is more important to consider how much you eat, rather than when you eat, as your body burns calories 24 hours a day, unfortunately it just burns calories at a slower rate during sleep. Additionally, eating within a few hours before bedtime does interfere with the rest time your body needs in order to heal and restore… Read More »