Tenet Movie: Understanding Reverse Time Travel & Inversion

By | June 22, 2020

Instead of making a simple concept of time travel in the movie that is mostly portrayed in the most common sci-fi films, Nolan has written an utterly new plot. In the regular time travel movies, characters literally move ahead and back in the timeline, and the audience follows their journey.

Tenet has used Time Reversal or inversion concept. It is a pretty unique idea and follows a different approach than other movies. This is because time travel always follows the laws of physics. For example, the time travel concept always follows the physics laws and affects physical actions.

Time Inversion reverses or inverts every motion, action, and events when a person uses it to reverse the time. It means when a character reverses the time in the movie, you will see the effect of the action first and then you will see its cause. So in the movie, whenever Time Inversion is used, you will see the effect and then the cause.

In the movie, you will see several scenes in which the characters are using time inversion to reverse an action. In a scene, Washington shoots with a handgun, but when he presses the trigger, the bullet returns back to the gun from the target. In another scene, when a car flips, the character inside the car uses the same technique to return to the track quickly. You also see that iconic yellow ship floating backwards in the ocean, and that scene also has the same concept.

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