The 4 Biggest Health Benefits from Eating Bison

By | December 1, 2021

First, know per a 4 ounce offering of bison, you will certainly be absorbing a total amount of 124 calories as well as 6 grams of fat. Because, you will certainly obtain 17 grams of top quality healthy protein, making it an excellent option for consuming after an exercise session.
The protein found in bison is a total healthy protein and one highly absorbable by the body, so it will certainly go a long way in the direction of advertising ideal muscle repair service.

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Author: Noble Premium Bison

At Noble Premium Bison, we raise over 4000 head of bison as nature intended on Canadian grasslands using restorative grazing practices—to ensure the sustainability of our animals and the land they live on. As an animal protein, bison is a high value proposition—not just for it’s flavour and nutrient profile, but almost as importantly, for how it’s raised and where it comes from. These days, for chefs and restaurant patrons, retailers and consumers, that’s more important than ever. When Doug Griller, a 3rd generation rancher, and Kelly Long, an award-winning agricultural entrepreneur, sat down over a cup of coffee, Noble Premium Bison was born. Mutual passions for animal husbandry, sustainable ranching and great food led to a handshake and a promise—to deliver a ranch-to-plate philosophy that promotes care at every step and compromises nothing.