The Best Donuts In Dapper Doughnut

By | February 4, 2020

At the end of the day, portion control is fundamental. If you eat your way through 8 slices of ‘healthy’ bread you are going to hit problems and likewise with nuts. A handful (yes 50g is fine) of nuts is a great snack between meals, but finish the whole bag and it’s just become your next meal!

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Author: The Dapper Doughnut

Our Doughnuts-– At the Dapper Doughnut Calgary, we never do things the boring way; we never will. Our doughnuts are “cake style”. They are light and moist and slightly crunchy. Our doughnuts are made all day long in our food trucks or stores so they’re always hot and fresh—you can even see them being made. They are custom designed and decorated with the freshest ingredients and sauces.