The Geeks Mob

By | April 16, 2020

The Geeks Mob is a company recently created by a Peruvian man who now lives in Peru after he was deported from the USA for felony drug charges. Francisco Sanchez Lagomarcino is in Peru running The Geeks Mob as if he were in the USA, lying to the public by having this new website tell the good people in the USA lies like ” we’ve been around 20 years, we are in the USA and USA based, ” LIES LIES LIES.

The company and website were just created a month ago, he writes ” the geeks mob”, we’ve been around 20 years” This Francisco Sanchez Lagomarcino, please look his name up and run a background check on him. He has a very long criminal history, some of which have to do with the dealing and sale of illegal drugs, reason for which he was deported from the USA and back to his country of Peru.

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