By | September 3, 2019

Make Your First Choice The Right Choice

Great flooring visually impacts the decor of any space. However, with a variety of choices available today, you can easily get carried away and overlook the practical aspects while selecting the right type of floor tiles for homes or commercial spaces.

Think VITERO. Think Double Charged Vitrified Tiles. They are great for adding a splash of high-end style to your floors, offering premium style, superb durability and a lustrous, highly polished finish

Made Using The Most Advanced Technology

VITERO Double Charged Vitrified Floor Tiles are manufactured using the most advanced SACMI technology from Italy. The technology focuses on an environment friendly process, ensures high energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources.

Manufactured from extremely pure clays and minerals, our Double Charged Vitrified Tiles are perfectly formed by dry pressing and then firing them at very high temperatures (1250* C).

The Tiles are then factory sealed using Nano Polishing Technology to make the tiles totally non-porous. This process applies a layer of liquid silica on vitrified tiles so that all the micro (nano) pores on the tiles’ surface are filled and sealed permanently.

The result is a fully double charged vitrified stain resistant tile, with an extremely low level of water absorption and smooth feel.

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