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By | October 27, 2021

Valvesonly Europe is a leading Thermodynamic steam trap Manufacturer in Italy, Designed for a variety of high pressure and high-capacity applications. Thermodynamic steam traps have been using a unique operating method based on water and flash steam dynamics. They’re easy, robust, and reliable, and they can handle extremely high temperatures and pressures. The trap is triggered by the dynamic effect of flash steam as it flows through it. The disc is the only moving component inside the control chamber.

The materials used for the steam trap body are Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel. The materials are defined based on the required operating temperature and pressure as well as the surrounding environment, and minimal maintenance requirements. There are two varieties of thermodynamic steam traps: the thermodynamic disc and piston types.

Advantages of thermodynamic steam trap

• Thermodynamic steam traps can be used without any adjustments or changes in their entire working range.
• Thermodynamic steam traps are compact, simple, lightweight.
• Thermodynamic steam traps are not affected by water hammer or vibration that is used on high pressure and superheated steam.
• Thermodynamic steam traps are not damaged by freezing if installed with the disc in a vertical position and discharging freely to the atmosphere.
• As the disc is the only moving component, maintenance can be performed without removing the trap.
• Thermodynamic steam traps create an audible ‘click’ when the tap is opened and closed. Trap testing becomes very simple and straightforward because of this.

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