Tire pressure is affected by temperature is very important

By | August 28, 2019

Tire pressure is affected by temperature so it’s very important that you do check the pressure when the seasons change and the temperature fluctuates. Don’t forget air is a gas that expands when heated and contracts when cooled. In most parts of our country, this makes fall and early winter months the most important times to check your tire pressure. As summer comes to a close, there are a few things we can count on. The seasons will change, the air will get crisper and your tire’s air pressure is going to go down. More Read On

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Author: master flow

Master Flow Air gets that tires are not a "one size fits all" situation and neither are air compressors. We have the M1A1 for cars, SUVs and light trucks, that powers from a cigarette lighter. The M240 is for larger tires, Jeeps and trucks, powered by a vehicle's battery.