Top magician and party planner of Singapore

By | June 10, 2020

We understand as parents that planning a birthday party for your child can be a yearly headache! For parents with several children, this means planning a party multiple times a year, every single year! We totally understand the exhaustion and stress that comes into play when worrying if it will burn a hole in our pockets to what if the children are not entertained but don’t worry! We got your back!

This article focuses on the 3 key main factors when planning a fun yet affordable birthday party; venue, food and entertainment!

When going on a budget, the only thing to consider is what is needed. Children are simple, the only thing they want is a fun and memorable experience. Thats it! Forget all those lavish commercial birthday venues with overpriced packaged activities that charges PER PAX, and instead put your budget to better use on a simple party that you have complete control of! With that.

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