Trekking Guide in Nepal

By | May 31, 2019

Trekking The most popular activity in Nepal involves Exploring The beautiful nature and The flora and fauna residing on it with highs and lows of the trekking trails. so if you are up for the challenge then get ready to get hypnotized by the beauty and thrilled by the Adventure of trekking in Nepal. that you will treasure in your heart throughout your life.

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Author: Ramesh Bajgain

I am an Experienced Trekking Guide, Tour Operator and the Owner as well as Managing director of Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours. I am privileged that I have trekked and guided to Nepal's most favoured routes and off beaten routes as well. If you wish to Travel remote and less trekked areas of Nepal, I am always good to go to help you to achieve your destination. I have decided to give my life in Tourism exploring various places, being a guide I dedicate my life. In my experience of life, there is nothing better than sharing the knowledge you have. I have a passion to share the knowledge I have about the historical, cultural, the diversity and the wonders of Nepal to the people seeking about it. Once I asked myself where I can find happiness and what is happiness? And I found the answers too. I found happiness in the wild with Nature and sharing the nature's lifestyle, cultural and historical wonders of Nepal are the happiness. I assure you that Travelling with me is like travelling with family more than a guide. My priority of the travel with my guest is their health and security. In a genuine request choose the best guide?