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By | September 22, 2021

One of the trusted moving companies in Johannesburg is Mr. Cheap Transport. You can always lighten the load to make it easier to move with fewer items. Determine the best time to relocate because you will need to think about this move and all of the specifics to discover the right business that can assist you in achieving a stress-free relocation with moving companies in Johannesburg. This is especially true if you hire a moving company to assist you, but it is equally true if you move on your own. There are times when moving can be considered a peak for anyone, and these are the times you should avoid because moving costs will rise, even if you are only renting a truck to make the move. Summer, the end of the month, and the winter holidays are the busiest times for any moving company or moving rental firm. These are the best moving firms in Johannesburg to employ if you want to keep your moving costs low and simple. If you use these methods, you will find that you can save a lot of money while still getting your move completed at a reasonable cost. Look for a written estimate and determine whether it is required or not. Obtaining an in-home, superficial estimate from the mover is the most precise method of calculating your moving expenses.

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Mr Cheap Transport was established in 2008, specializing in furniture removals, furniture transportation, household removals and business removals. We are the cheapest long distance furniture removals and storage moving service provider in Johannesburg, Cape Town and all over the South Africa. We pride ourselves on being the CHEAPEST, offering a renowned REMOVAL experience which is unbeatable. To date we have over 20000 loyal satisfied customers! Since our inception we have grown and ventured into new departments such as STORAGE, VEHICLE HIRE, COURIER’s and opened routes Nationally. We are not only a home furniture removal company, our services cover all aspects of your move, we can assist you from dismantling to hoisting, packing and more! If you are moving into a smaller home and are not able to take with all of your belongings along there is no need to let go of things that hold value to you, at Mr Cheap Transport we offer affordable storage facilities with 24h access on either a short or long-term lease.