uPVC Sliding Windows that make your day at home worthwhile

By | September 3, 2019

Sliding Windows that make your day at home worthwhile.

uPVC Sliding Windows are fitted with nylon rollers in the bottom for swift horizontal movement. Very easy to operate, sliding windows are an ideal choice for apartments needing ample amount of ventilation. Also, since the sliding windows open horizontally you do not need to reach up high or bend down to open or close the windows.

Features & Benefits

1. The horizontal sash movement ensures better ventilation
2. Availability of multi-track and sash options to cover larger areas
3. 2 Chamber Sash / 4 Chamber Outer Frame – more chambers, more resistance to thermal
4. Easy locking system
5. Come in a variety of designs, colours and hardware options
6. Best utilization of space since the sashes open left to right or vice versa
7. Air-tight, helps to keep- noise, dust, heat and pollution outside
8. Monsoon track for heavy rains, and hurricane bars for high wind loads

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Author: uma prasad

i'm staffing author. Since every home is unique, uPVC windows by Aparna Venster are available in a wide variety of colours, perfect to suit every décor. Also, you can choose from weather resistant, textured ‘wood like’ laminations for bringing an essence of nature to your space. All the textured laminations are imported from Germany.