What is the difference between Lean Six Sigma and traditional quality improvement?

Speed is the primary difference between traditional Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Certification. Lean Six Sigma concentrates on speeding up business processes in order to make a company or organization run better and smoother. The process is not enhanced by simply turning up the dial and running the machine at a faster speed. Lean techniques identify problems in core processes and eliminate the speed bumps slowing them down.

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Author: Lean Six Sigma Online at Purdue University

Smith arrived at a desired DPMO of 3.4 for Motorola, a six sigma deviation from the mean. And thus, Motorola’s Lean Six Sigma certification methodology was born. The method encouraged absolute commitment to meeting this quality threshold. When it went unmet, advanced analyses would be put in place to determine which part of the process needed refinement, then identify and implement a solution.