What Is The Difference Between Strength Training And Weight Training

By | October 24, 2020

To save your sanity, it’s best to only weigh in once a week, or at the most twice a week. When doing so, ALWAYS weigh in at the same time each week, wearing the same amount of clothing. I recommend always weighing as soon as you wake up. Just jump out of bed, use the restroom and jump on the scale. Only thing to be aware of is if you ate a heavy meal or a meal super high in sodium the night before you can expect to be up a little in weight. But don’t worry, that gain is just water and should be gone by the next day. And without exception, ALWAYS WEIGH IN ON THE SAME SCALE. Every scale in the world will weigh you a little differently no matter what, so it’s super important to only weigh in on one scale.

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