When is Amazon Prime Day of 2020 and Why it Could Be Delayed?

By | May 25, 2020

Amazon hasn’t revealed anything regarding the Amazon Prime Day sale of 2020. Due to the protection of the civilians, the UK government keeps approaching the people to stay in the home. It’s not easy to stay at home, but for the best, it is mandatory for people.

The previous year, the Amazon Prime Day sale was on July 15, which included big discounts and amazing item availability. It was only available for Amazon Prime members.

Will Prime Day 2020 be Delayed?

Are we going to see a delay in the sale? It is a huge concern for the members because who doesn’t want quality items on discount. Well, the Prime Day of 2020 may be delayed until August 2020. It’s not far, but yes it is one month delayed than usual.

The information from a leaked document of Amazon revealed that it could take a month’s delay. Amazon is not responding regarding any of these types of news. Especially in the UK, things are over the horizon because members wait for this sale with extreme excitement.

Will the Prime Day 2020 be Cancelled?

Prime day sale is the biggest sale of Amazon in the year. The revenue of the company is much related to this sale, and definitely, the company doesn’t want to cancel it anyhow. The company cannot cancel its biggest generator of revenue. The chances of delay are higher, but the cancel of sale is not getting great changes. The company cannot cancel Prime day 2020 and bear a huge loss for the company.

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