Which Is Best Time For Gym? | Forward Thinking Fitness

We’ve spent a good amount of our time at home and under stress these last few months. This has caused us to become more sedentary in behavior which increases our risk of tight and overactive muscles throughout our body. This makes it crucial that you not forget to take the time to properly warm up and prepare yourself for the work at hand! This message isn’t new, and should always be practiced, but even more so now that you may have had a lengthy layoff. Consider this as part of your workout and you are more likely to complete it every time; don’t treat it as an option that is nice to do if you have the time. Make time! Foam rolling and soft tissue techniques, dynamic warm-up drills, and stability work should all be completed before jumping into a training session. Five to seven minutes can save you months in rehabbing an injury that could have been avoided!

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