Why Gable Boxes are the First Choice of Food Business

By | October 12, 2020

Ten years back there was no emphasis on packaging, now however, the product is incomplete without packaging. High-end brands are coming up latest trends and ideas to improve their packaging and make their customers fall in love with their product. This isn’t an easy job, with the market saturated with competition, it’s a neck to neck race for brands to make the product packaging look fresh and innovative. Once of the most common material used for packaging is cardboard boxes. They are ideal and multi-purpose, if you have the imagination you can mold them in any way you need.

One of such ways are folding cardboard boxes in custom gable boxes for packing food. Custom gable boxes are not only innovative and creative but they are also out-of-the-box packaging solution for attracting new customers to your product. There are many benefits to choosing custom gable boxes for your food items; these include uniqueness, economic cost, creativity, as well as ease of customization. If you are looking for custom gable boxes but aren’t sure about its benefits, here are some details. Read more to know why it’s the most popular choice for food business.

What Are Cardboard Gable Boxes?
Custom gable boxes and custom bakery boxes come in both materials i.e. Kraft and cardboard. Both of these types offer amble durability as well as safety to the product, so it can be delivered without any issues or accidents. Cardboard gable boxes are available in all sizes, so you can get them for large items like soups and pastries as well as for small items like sweets and candies. There are many ways to fold the cardboard gable boxes attractively, and this is what catches the eye of the customers and lure them in to buy your product.

Let’s look at some ways in which cardboard gable boxes can help you build a brand name and up your sells.

Cardboard Gable Boxes Are Environment-Friendly:
The one thing that the recent generation is very serious about is products and packaging being Environment-Friendly. All brands are aware of the harmful effect that plastic has on the environment, so they are being responsible and switching to sustainable packaging that can be reused or recycled. Cardboard and Kraft material is not only highly biodegradable but it’s also light in weight, so it’s like a win-win situation for all. Sustainable reduces the carbon footprint and implies that you are a responsible brand that cares about the planet just like your targeted audience. Going for recycle material cuts costs as well.

Economical and Cost Efficient:
Cardboard gable boxes are easily available as well as cheap, as they are economical; they are the best choice for all kinds of new-found businesses.

If you are on a budget, you will be glad to know that cardboard gable boxes are your best packaging solution. They are easy to store, so you can order them in a wholesale deal, store for later use and safe your business some packaging expense. They are also print-friendly, so you can get anything and everything printed on your custom gable boxes.

Customization is Bliss:
What gets your brand name out there? Well, for one thing your quality product, for another your customization. It’s the creativity and innovation of your packaging that will build a brand image. Whether you want to go for a whole ornament Christmas theme or just a simple yet luxurious Gold logo, these custom gable boxes are great for printing. A personal message or CTAs in bold typography are sure ways to attract the right audience.

Customization is a great way of enhancing the outlook and appeal of your product. Custom Gable boxes are ideal for adding value to your product. Custom Gable boxes not only add appeal to your product, make it look great but they also help you stand out.

All in all, custom Gable boxes are trending, the hype about them is real and they make your food business stand out. You can look unique on the shelves of the retail store as well as offer the best unboxing experience to your customers.

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