Why to use Custom URL Shortner?

By | July 3, 2020

A URL shortener is a digital tool that enables you to take a long link and generate a new, shorter one. Now let’s look into a few reasons why we must be using a custom URL shortener.

Firstly, custom URL shorteners make it simpler to share and maintain than long URLs. This is particularly true while sharing URLs on emails, social media, mobile messaging applications, or several micro-blogging platforms. Next, URL shorteners can help you to avoid extremely lengthy and complicated URLs or any that contain jumbles of alphabets and numbers.

These are much easier to read, type, and remember. This makes especially useful while sharing URLs in any form of print advertising, such as flyers, magazines, posters, or business cards. Plus, according to research, branded short links gain 39% more clicks than generic short URLs. These branded custom links also have another critical advantage. A custom URL shortener is frequently used by spammers to disguise the URL destination. That way, innocent people are more likely to click on them. Though, by branding your URLs, you can escape from being regarded as a spammer.

As you can see, there’s more to shortening a lengthy URL utilizing a Custom URL Shortener.

So What Are the Advantages of Using a URL Shortener?
• Looks better: An URL shortener or link shortener can improve the link to look visually attractive. A shorter link looks more trustworthy and more helpful than a lengthier one. Particularly when the links are customized.
• Easier to share: Shorter links are simpler to share. If you are attaching them to a personal message and an email, it’s simpler to share a short link than a lengthy one.
• Helps you track performance: Provides an additional benefit of assisting in tracking performance. One can understand better what the viewers are engaging with and adapt the marketing strategies accordingly.
• Uses fewer characters: It can help you share only the URL someone wants to share, without overwhelming themselves with those additional characters.
• Higher click-through rate: On social media platforms, people are much more familiar with short links. They trust shorter links more than the lengthy ones, and as an outcome, they’re more likely to click on those shorter links in comparison to the longer ones.

How and when can you shorten URLs?
Luckily, we have an ONPASSIVE Trim URL at our disposal for shortening URLs, including the dashboards and native networks we practice every day. This URL shortening tool from ONPASSIVE provides a short and brand name empowered URL, and also obtains statistics on clicks for all the shortened URLs.

In addition to these shortening tools, many social networks and social media management dashboards also automatically shorten lengthy URLs. For example, any link shared to the Trim URL page will be ‘shortened automatically once added to your update.
Here you can know about beginner’s guide to understand and how to use URL Shorteners. They are all great for productivity hacks, tracking and reporting results for your business.

What makes the best custom URL shortener tool?
URL shortener tools transform the sharing of long links much more manageable. For example, say you need to provide a link on your business card, or in an ad, or in any situation where hyperlinking isn’t ideal. A shrunk or shortened URL takes up a smaller space, much more memorable, and keeps your text highly visible.

Another usage for shortened URLs is to quickly generate variations of a single link to track your source traffic. For instance, you might produce one short URL to apply on Facebook, a separate one for Twitter, and a third to be used in a marketing email.

Trim URL by ONPASSIVE offers an extensive set of tracking tools that enable you to see who clicked on your link, what language they speak, and where they are located. You can utilize this knowledge to recognize click-through rates, what devices your content accessed from, and which browser your audience prefers.
This URL Shortener by ONPASSIVE is secure and effortless to use, and it stands out as the “best” because of its reliability.

Why ONPASSIVE Trim URL is the best all-around URL shortener around?
The URL Shortener by ONPASSIVE is a comprehensive business-grade URL shortener. If your requirements are simple, you can apply it anonymously to shrink long URLs and go along on your way. But it truly stands out for its added offering. Part of the appeal is that the Trim URL by ONPASSIVE is so straightforward and easy to use. It has an extensive dashboard where you can track several data points, including organic shares, the location of your visitors, and much more. Tools for tracking campaigns are pretty straightforward to use, as well.

With ONPASSIVE Trim URL, you can shorten your URLs, track click rates, and get data about your top referrers. It is the best URL shortener for all kinds of businesses trying to brand and track links, and it’s an excellent choice for small companies that want to create short URLs and follow their statistics for a reasonable number of campaigns.

Shorter links are much user-friendly than their lengthier counterparts. Also, tracking link metrics capability is an opportunity that no experienced marketer can afford to lose. While selecting a custom URL shortener, there are several options out there.

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